TomTom Selects Eco-Movement to Boost Drivers’ Real-Time EV Charging Information

Location technology specialist, TomTom (TOM2), today announced an agreement with Eco-Movement, a leading platform for electric vehicle (EV) charge point data in Europe. TomTom’s EV suite and TomTom’s Maps APIs are now enhanced with Eco-Movement’s high-quality real-time charging information, providing drivers and EV fleet managers with accurate EV point of interest (POI) information faster than ever before. 

Drivers of vehicles equipped with TomTom’s EV charging points service will enjoy numerous benefits, including detailed user-friendly addresses; helpful information on opening times and accessibility; charging speed; accepted charge cards and subscriptions; as well as real-time charge point availability.

“Our deal with Eco-Movement will provide drivers of electric vehicles powered by TomTom’s EV suite with a seamless navigation experience. From optimized routes, to suitable, available, working charging points, that match drivers’ needs – TomTom is always simplifying and enhancing the driving experience”, said Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive. “With our growing number of easy-to-use EV navigation solutions, leading global charging point coverage, and ultra-fast real-time availability data, TomTom is driving the e-mobility push towards an emission-free future.”

“Our deal with Eco-Movement will provide drivers of electric vehicles powered by TomTom’s EV suite with a seamless navigation experience."

Antoine Saucier, Managing Director at TomTom

TomTom’s high-quality EV POIs will further enhance the EV driving experience with TomTom’s location technology. The latest TomTom EV Routing and Range technology uses a broad catalogue of factors to plan the best routes, precisely predict range and calculate a reliable estimated time of arrival (ETA). These factors include current and maximum battery level; driving speed; road type and gradient, as well as traffic and charging point information.

EV POIs are made available to developers via TomTom’s Maps APIs. The deal with Eco-Movement enriches the solutions developers can propose to companies with EV fleets. Users will be able to find all of TomTom’s EV POIs via the Search API. While TomTom’s Extended Routing API, which provides Long Distance EV Routing, take into account all the available charging possibilities along the way.

“We are excited to team up with TomTom and give even more drivers access to our invaluable charging station information.” said Roderick van den Berg, CEO at Eco-Movement. “At Eco-Movement, we envision a world where electric cars are the standard, and charging is smooth and efficient. It’s our mission to provide the best and most relevant charge point information for EV drivers and the EV ecosystem.”

Drivers can also find available EV charging points on the TomTom GO Navigation app (available for download via Google Play, App Store and Huawei AppGallery), and on TomTom’s newest and most powerful sat nav: the TomTom GO Discover.