As the leading CP dataplatform, Eco-Movement provides market players with a reliable and comprehensive source of charging station information. We connect all plugs around the world to our platform to have all data in one place, our data retrieval platform.

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for great POI data

Extensive coverage

We provide the most complete coverage, with over 50 specific attributes. From over 70 countries over the world.

Universally accessible

Our unique online data retrieval platform provides a hassle-free and user friendly overview of all our data. Slice and dice and retrieve in any format our clients require.

Service from the expert

Our fully independent, experienced and dedicated experts offer hands on support to meet your specific questions.

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Analysis Data

We connect all organizations in the industry and supply dependable, comprehensive data to all relevant market players. We already have 1 million plugs and 3000+ CPOs sharing chargepoint data with us. And connecting more and more every day.



Standard Mastered

Standard Mastered


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Heavy Vehicle




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Eco-Movement is the trusted source for accurate and up-to-date location and price data to drive the transition to EV mobility forward for the key players in the market, like Shell.

This is why industry leaders prefer our data services

In-Depth coverage

to ensure complete and detailed charging station data, with a dynamic data rate well on our way to 80%.

Industry-Leading Quality

accurate and reliable guaranteed by careful curation, verification and AI enhancement

Solutions with Expert Support

to meet and exceed your specific needs.

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