Eco-Movement is the leading platform for EV charge point data

We are Eco-Movement. The leading EV charging station data platform. Dedicated to driving the transition to EV mobility forward. We recognize the importance of transitioning to EV mobility. And take pride in our responsibility to drive this positive change. Our commitment lies in providing the world with an advanced independent platform, tailored tools and smart services. That simplifies the sharing of charging station data, making it readily available and universally accessible. This creates a win-win scenario for all stakeholders across the entire EV industry spectrum.

The emergence of electric transport represents a significant stride towards a more sustainable future. Electric vehicles are gaining momentum worldwide. As EV fleets and chargepoints expand globally, the demand for optimal spread, dependable routing and seamless user experiences also grow.
We are the platform that aggregates, curates, simplifies and makes it easy to access and use the best charging station data, no matter what is the application.We are the single source and market standard way for sharing and receiving data.

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Clients using our data services Our charging station data platform, born from the first European EV wave, offers all market players the most comprehensive and consistent CP information hub.

Eco-Movement. In facts & figures

We are driven to make a positive global impact by providing a better user experience in a one stop shop with full coverage of all charge locations.
And connect all plugs around the world to our platform to have all data in one place. Therefore we’re growing our connections day by day, plug by plug.


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To drive the mobility revolution. To make it happen and get it done. To boost the use of electric vehicles forward

We care

We are devoted and passionate about making a meaningful impact. Our commitment is to empower not only our partners but also each other, enabling customers and our environment to move forward, fossil-free.

We are curious

Fascinated by the potential and practical applications of data to drive positive change and optimize EV mobility. Every day we explore what works even better.

We get things done

Take responsibility and ownership, Keeping things simple


Eco-Movement was founded by two experienced entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. Now, Eco-Movement has grown exponentially and has a team of more than 45 people from all over the world, all working together in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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