Eco-movement is the data platform that aggregates, curates, simplifies and makes it easy to access and use the best charging station data, no matter what is the application. We connect all organizations in the industry and supply dependable, comprehensive data to all relevant market players.

We’re a single stop 
for great POI data

Optimal user Experience

By providing a better user experience in a one-stop shop with full coverage of all charge locations. And connecting all plugs around the world to your platform.

Reduced complexity

Outsource any part of your POI data headaches to Eco-Movement. We are the single source and market standard way for sharing and receiving data.

Tailored Expert Support

To meet and exceed your specific needs.

Clients using our data to improve their application

We are the leading provider of quality-checked and enriched chargepoint data. Trusted by A-brands in our industry. Easy and accessible to connect and implement.



Standard Mastered

Standard Mastered


Smart Experience

Heavy Vehicle

Highlighted clients

Supporting their drivers with complete and accurate data in their driver app. Uber uses Eco-Movement as their global trusted source for charging station data.

Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive

Quality as a service

Continuous monitoring
All incoming and outgoing data is checked on 5 key quality dimensions: Completeness, Validity, Uniformity, Uniqueness and Accuracy/Integrity. Data is also checked against external benchmarks to ensure completeness and correctness. 

Validated sources
We supplement our connections with CPOs with additional sources such as spatial databases, machine learning models, client feedback, charge card coverage, and our own market research.

Measurable impact
We are logging ever-increasing improvements to the raw core charge point data, and now make tangible improvements to >70% of locations.

This is why industry leaders prefer our data services.

This is why industry leaders prefer our data services

In-Depth coverage

to ensure complete and detailed charging station data, with a dynamic data rate well on our way to 80%.

Industry-Leading Quality

accurate and reliable guaranteed by careful curation, verification and AI enhancement

Tailored solutions with Expert Support

to meet and exceed your specific needs.

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