AFIR in effect 13th April 2024 – Article 20 – Data provisions

Understanding AFIR Article 20: Implications for Charge Point Operators


The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) went into effect April 13th 2024.  AFIR consists of many new obligations for the EV industry, with most of them directed towards the Charge Point Operators (CPOs). 


One of the articles currently flying under the radar of many is Article 20 – Data provisions. Article 20 sets forth new standards for data sharing that will significantly impact CPOs. While many CPOs are aware of the European April 2025 deadline, by which it will become mandatory for them to make both static and dynamic data accessible, they must also consider the obligations placed on them by individual Member States. 


Before the end of the year 2024 it will be mandatory for Member States to make recharge point data, that is publicly accessible recharge points, available in their National Access Points (NAPs). This means that in countries where this is not yet the case, CPOs will most likely be obliged to provide their data before the end of the year in order for the NAP to be ready in time.


With many NAPs already in place across Europe, each with its own mandatory data-sharing requirements, the journey towards the December 2024 deadline promises to bring even more extensive obligations.  Multiple Member States, as well as countries like Norway, the UK, and Switzerland, already have a mandatory regulatory framework in place for data sharing. With so many NAPs with different requirements, we see that compliance with these NAPs is becoming increasingly cumbersome. Moreover, the consequences of not complying are growing. 


How Eco-Movement supports CPOs

In this evolving landscape, Eco-Movement provides tailored support to CPOs, ensuring compliance with AFIR’s Article 20 and existing NAP frameworks of individual countries. Our National Access Point Service ensures:

  • You’re quickly compliant

Eco-Movement leads the way in navigating the complex regulatory framework of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), specifically Article 20. We ensure that your data practices are fully aligned with current regulations, safeguarding you against non-compliance risks.

  • You’ll stay ahead of changes

In a regulatory landscape that’s continuously evolving, we keep track of upcoming regulations and NAP requirements changes. Our proactive approach means you don’t need to worry about upcoming changes, as we will always keep you ahead.

  • You can focus on your core

With Eco-Movement managing your data sharing obligations, you’re free to concentrate on core business operations. We handle the complexities of regulatory compliance and data integration with NAPs, providing you with the freedom to innovate, expand, and refine your services without the overhead of regulatory burdens.


For additional information on the AFIR, see the Q&A document from the European Commission here.


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