Eco-Movement offers an advanced independent platform, tailored tools and smart services for CPMS and their Charge Point Operator clients. In this way, we simplify the sharing of CP data, putting you in control of making all relevant stations readily available to all EV drivers. For you as a CPMS, all you need is a simple connection to us.

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Selection of connected platforms

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Station visibility​

We help CPMS to distribute CPO location and tariff data to all major consumer maps, navigation platforms and OEMs – driving traffic to your clients’ stations.


Reach over 90% of EV drivers through our platform clients like Google, Apple, ABRP, Tesla, TomTom and HERE.

Market leading

Eco-Movement is the exclusive EV charging station data source for many of our clients, making us the preferred option for CPOs.


When your CPO clients have any questions or concerns about how their data is presented online, simply direct them to us.

National Access Points

In many countries, legislation requires CPOs to share data on their (semi)public EV charging network with National Access Points (NAPs). Eco-Movement can provide the correct data to every NAP globally on behalf of your CPO clients.


We keep up with the latest requirements of NAPs across the globe. This enables us to share the necessary data and keep your CPO clients compliant.


Outsource your National Access Point connections to Eco-Movement, saving resources and time.


We have the capabilities to adapt to any NAP type (registry, database, warehouse) and connection format (OCPI 2.1.1 or 2.2.1, DATEX II, API, CSV, etc.).

Countries require CPOs to register their data via many different protocols. We have a full solution in place.

Market Insights

Get access to valuable and up-to-date market intelligence through our online data platform. We have a complete, quality-checked and enriched dataset of all (semi)public charging networks. The data set includes location, pricing, hardware, roaming and heavy vehicle suitability information.

Network planning

We provide data on individual charger level, and information about the surrounding amenities. This is a great starting point for planning the optimal locations to install new chargers.


Based on our location-level pricing data, benchmark your prices against other CPOs and eMSPs. The data provides you the basis for actionable insights.

Market analysis

See the characteristics of the market and CPO networks and how they are developing their infrastructure over time.

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