NIO partners with Eco-Movement to make charging more accessible and transparent for its users

Breukelen, March 2024 – A new feature to make charging simpler and more transparent will be launched by NIO in collaboration with leading charging data provider Eco-Movement this month. Available free of charge to all users via a software over the air (SOTA) update, NIO is the first vehicle manufacturer to offer an integrated way of selecting specific chargers when planning a route.
At present, the European charging market is fragmented with users often reliant on individual charging cards for each provider. These in turn, require multiple apps, making it difficult to optimise charging on longer journeys. Whilst some OEMs might show all available chargers on the map, users cannot specify what charging provider they want to use when the system is planning a route. Now, once the charging cards are configured in NIO’s navigation using Eco-Movement’s data, the car will determine the best route based on the charging accounts held and if multiple cards are loaded, will highlight which is accepted at each charger along the way.
“Users may have a preferred charging account, but there are occasions when a different provider is a better solution,” says Kajsa Ivansson Sognefur, head of NIO Power Europe. “This might come down to convenience, a lower price or, in the case of a company or lease car user, when a certain account has to be used for business trips. Our collaboration with Eco-Movement will improve and integrate the navigation and charging experience.”
Eco-Movement is a leading provider of data on electric vehicle charging stations, aggregating relevant information into a uniform, accurate, and complete database. For NIO, that covers all 51 territories in Europe.
Eco-Movement’s CEO Roderick van den Berg states: “The demand for efficient information sharing, optimal routing and a seamless user experience becomes increasingly critical to drive the transition to EV mobility forward. Eco-Movement understands the significance of this shift. That’s why we are very proud and excited to support NIO’s innovative new feature with our best-in-class EV charging station database.”