How the Eco-Movement Data Quality Dashboard Validates Charge Point Data

Accurate, up-to-date navigational data is the lifeblood of the modern driving experience – for traditional and electric vehicle owners alike. From reliable directions and real-time traffic updates, to gauging your ETA, or planning for rest stops or tourist spots along the way, data guides us in more ways than one.


Yet, not all driving experiences are created equal. Thanks to the ubiquity of fueling stations, the question of where to fill-up falls way down the list of pre-journey navigation queries for traditional vehicle owners. These days, it’s almost taken for granted that they’ll pass a petrol station en route.


For EV drivers, on the other hand, travelling long distances brings with it an added dimension – and in the young history of mass market electric vehicles, it’s one fraught with risk and complication. Knowing when and where to charge – especially when travelling to unfamiliar places – is of the utmost importance to EV drivers, and only the most accurate charge point location data will suffice. For that reason, Eco-Movement developed a dedicated Data Quality Dashboard


Why Is High-Quality Charge Point Data Important?

As the market for Electric Vehicles is becoming more mature, the profile of the typical driver changes. Innovators are accompanied by early adopters, and consequently an increasing number of drivers take no pleasure in the hunt for reliable charging stations. They simply want to check their map or app and plan a route. If their applications are fed by unreliable charge point data, this may lead to a sub-standard EV driving experience and a slower adoption of EV driving. Typical issues with charge point data are:  

  • Inaccurate addresses or GPS locations result in a driver arriving at the wrong place in search of a charge point. In some cases, due to outdated information, the charge point may not even exist.
  • Empty data fields can result in a lack of detail regarding the charge point’s accessibility and specifications. For instance, is it available 24/7, or only during set operational hours? Will it be able to completely fill my battery during my planned stop?
  •  Poor distribution of RealTime status updates leaves EV drivers in the dark regarding the current availability of a charger.

Therefore, high-quality data is crucial as it safeguards drivers against these frustrations, providing a more seamless and enjoyable driving (and charging) experience.

 The Eco-Movement Data Quality Dashboard

As Europe’s leading provider for POI data regarding charging stations, Eco-Movement sets the bar when it comes to data standards. But this is not without its challenges. Thanks to the sheer volume and variety of data which flows into our platform, it’s a huge undertaking to tidy it up and deliver reliable, validated data. 

This starts with the real-time connections we have with more than 200 CPOs. The incoming data is verified and mastered using public sources and  our proprietary algorithms and benchmarks. To streamline this process and make sure our data is navigation-ready, we use our purpose-built Data Quality Dashboard.


Eco-Movement’s Data Quality Dashboard

This proprietary dashboard allows us to continuously monitor and improve the quality of both incoming and outgoing data across a range of key metrics. Some of the charge point attributes in scope are, for example, geo-location information, plug type, power output, availability, and payment information.

Each metric  is allocated an intuitive  colour after exceeding a specific threshold. This enables our analysts to immediately – in real time – identify records that require more attention, allowing us to maintain our high data standards.


The Result: A Smarter, Better EV Driving Experience

Ultimately, the Eco-Movement data quality dashboard allows us to correct the small (and large) errors associated with charge point data – standardising CPO data in the process. All for the benefit of the EV driver, who is looking for a comfortable and troublesome drive.


If you’re an MSP or CPO, and you’re interested in partnering with Eco-Movement, contact us today to learn more about our game-changing charge point data platform.