Eco-Movement is the leading platform for EV charge point data

Based in Utrecht, we are a fast-growing data company in the field of electric mobility. We are the leading platform for EV charge point data, delivering the most complete, reliable and enriched data to leading navigation companies, car manufacturers, and Mobility Service Providers. With our data, we make the complex simple and accessible and contribute to the fast growing EV industry.


Developers, scientists, specialists and engineers

Eco-Movement was founded by two experienced entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. A couple of years later, Eco-Movement has grown exponentially and has a team of more than 35 people from all over the world. Looking to join our team?

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Roderick van den Berg

CEO & Founder

Falco van Vloten

CTO & Founder

Sjors Martens

Commercial Director

Robin Stokkel

Head of Product

Alejandro Dura Gonzalez

Partnerships Manager

Ruud Schuijt

Sales Director

Oana Calota

Customer Success Manager

Dennis Asselbergs

Business Development Manager

Eric Munneke

Head of Development

Paul Coppus

Head of Data

Michiel van de Vis

Senior Developer

Patxi Becker

Senior Developer

Bruno Salgado

Bruno Salgado

Cloud System Engineer

Dennis Groenendijk

Dennis Groenendijk

GO Developer

Vykintas Čivas

Junior Developer

Milan Gregorc

Junior Developer

Sebastian Crasnanic

Junior PHP Developer

Martine Kalff

Finance Manager

Niamh O'Raw

Human Resources

Lisette Smith-Cullen

Partnership Manager

Roopesh Nivedit Kumar

Lead Technical Writer

Fabienne Heijne

UX Designer

Miguel Ferreira

Data Scientist AI

Vlad Malai

Junior PHP Developer

Nicola Romagnoli

Data Scientist AI

Jan Ritter

Spatial Specialist AI

Fabiënne Kortas

Data Engineer

Christian Moll

Data Engineer

Bas van der Hoeven

Data Analyst

Alexandrina Nicolaescu

Partnerships Specialist


Julia Rzepka

Data Analyst

Melissa Charfuelan Aguirre

Data Analyst

Florencia Muhlhausen

Data Analyst

Len Kaupert

Data Analyst

Ileana Vaxevani

Data Analyst

Irene Brignoli

Data Support

Marissa Niles

Data Support

Inessa Haiduk

Data Support

Xander Rondhuis

Head of People

Steven Schulting

Business Development Manager

Rik Burger

Full Stack Developer

Nitin Agrahari

QA Automation Engineer


Want to join our team?

Check our Careers page!