This is why industry leaders prefer our data services

The most complete

Full coverage of Europe across all CPOs. Well on our way to 80% dynamic data.

The highest quality

100+ quality checks through proprietary quality dashboard and IT architecture. Each location is enriched through machine learning.

A reliable partner

Fully independent, 11+ years in business, 100% focus on the best charge point data for our customers. Agile and responsive.

Quality is at the core of what we do​

Validated sources: We supplement our connections with CPOs with additional sources such as spatial databases, machine learning models, client feedback, charge card coverage, and our own market research.

Continuous monitoring: All incoming and outgoing data is checked on 5 key quality dimensions: Completeness, Validity, Uniformity, Uniqueness and Accuracy/Integrity. Data is also checked against external benchmarks, e.g. for spatial conflicts and to ensure completeness of our database.

Measurable impact: We are logging ever increasing improvements to the raw core charge point data, and now make tangible improvements to >60% of locations.

Quality dashboard
Graph share of locations improved