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What does Eco-Movement do?

We are the largest aggregator of charge point data in Europe. With our validated, uniform, and enriched data, we have become the preferred provider of major Navigation Service Providers and Mobility Service Providers. Through these partners, we direct hundreds of thousands of EV drivers to their next charging session. Also, large institutions rely on our data – Eco-Movement is the exclusive charge point data partner of the European Commission.
 Eco-Movement is fully independent: We have no ties to any Service Provider, Payment Hub or CPO. Our focus is on charge point data only.

Through our partners, our data is being used by many major OEMs.

Why partner with us ?

Boost your revenues: Make sure your charge points are fully represented in the on-board navigation of all major EVs (Volkswagen, Hyundai, Fiat, Honda, etc.) and charge apps with a single connection to Eco-Movement

Be in control: Decide if and how your charge points are shown on external platforms, and benefit from the monitoring of your own data in our partner portal -- including our free insights

FREE and easy: Quick and smooth process, minimal effort involved (~2 hours from your IT department)

Selected partners

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Highly experienced development team, managing over 100 connections

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defers to Eco-Movement for external connection requests whenever possible – saving time while still being optimally represented on all major platforms.

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Are you a CPO and not yet connected to Eco-Movement?

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