Eco Movement: EV charging stations dataset of the highest quality


Your supplier for EV charging data

For uniform, accurate and complete EV charging data you have come to the right place at Eco-Movement. We are the leading data supplier for charging points for electric vehicles.


    The advantages of an EV charging stations dataset by Eco Movement

    Industries from all over the world keep coming to us for statistics and databases on electric vehicles. This is made possible by our offer of:

    Data of the best quality

    By constantly subjecting our data to 100+ checks via our quality dashboards, we guarantee data of the highest quality. In addition, for every location we add relevant attributes by machine learning.

    The most comprehensive data

    full coverage of Europe North America, Australia and New Zealand across all CPOs. We have 100% static data and close to 80% dynamic data.

    The most reliable partner

    Through our independent status and extensive experience in this industry, we can describe ourselves as very trustworthy. We are always 100% focused on providing the most reliable data for our partners.

    Our data is used by navigation companies, map developers and fleet owners to provide their customers with a great electric vehicle driving experience. For research companies, consultancies and governments, EV charging stations dataset is used to feed forecasts, projections or insights.

    The services of Eco-Movement

    Eco-Movement offers EV charging datasets for a variety of purposes. We align our services to meet your requirements. 


    • Data for navigation: our datacollection offers a full coverage of all charging points and an exhaustive list of attributes and POIs. We provide consistent, high-quality data using our own database architecture. We trust in the expertise of our trained, skilled and experienced team. Plus, we are always developing new features and add-ons.


    • Data for mobility service providers: we offer POI data that is both accurate and enriched, as well as the option to show all charging points outside of roaming partners. With the dataset of Eco-Movement you always have the most current view of all charging locations, including prices and roaming of all CPO’s and major MSP’s.


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    Quality is at the heart of our services


    Validated sources: the connections we have with CPOs are complemented by additional sources, such as spatial databases, machine learning models, customer feedback, load card coverage and our own market research.


    Continuous monitoring: all inbound and outbound data is assessed against the following 5 key quality dimensions: Completeness, Validity, Uniformity and Accuracy/Integrity. Additionally, the data is checked against external benchmarks, for example for spatial conflicts. But also to ensure the completeness of our database.


    Measurable effect: we are continuously improving the raw core data of the charging stations, this is already visible in >60% of the locations. 


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