Improve EV Charging infrastructure with the data of Eco Movement


Improve EV Charging infrastructure with the data

Our data is used for many purposes. Navigators, fleet owners and map developers benefit from our complete and comprehensive data sets. Our data can also be used for user cases aimed at improving the EV charging infrastructure.


    Why use our data for EV charging infrastructure?

    Improving and optimising the infrastructure for electric cars is essential for the future of transport. By using our comprehensive and qualitative datasets as a source for predictive modelling, reliable forecasts can be made regarding the required infrastructure developments and investments. The datasets of Eco Movement:

    Data from charging points all over the world

    Full coverage of all charging points

    Extensive range of resources and tools provided by a dedicated team

    What data to expect

    We secure our data using a CSS file in a format that makes it convenient to integrate with your analysis tool such as Power BI or Tableau. We are able to deliver a wide range of data. From location charging behavior, cities and coordinates to connector power types, voltages and amperages. Check our list of data attributes here.

    Quality is at the heart of our services


    Validated sources: the connections we have with CPOs are supplemented with additional sources, such as spatial databases, machine learning models, client reviews, load card coverage and our own research into the market.


    Continuous monitoring: all incoming and outgoing data is tested against the following 5 key quality dimensions: Completeness, Validity, Uniformity and Accuracy/Integrity. Further, the data is checked against external benchmarks, e.g. for spatial conflicts. But also to ensure the completeness of our database.


    Measurable effect: we continuously improve the core data of the charging stations, this is in fact evident at >60% of the locations.


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    About Eco Movement

    We are Europe’s leading aggregator of charge point data. Through our validated, unified and enriched data, we have become the preferred supplier of major navigation service providers and mobility providers.

    But also organisations and companies working on optimisation of EV charging infrastructure rely on our data. Through these partners, we guide hundreds of thousands of EV drivers to their next charging session while building towards a more sustainable future. Large institutions also trust our data – Eco-Movement is the exclusive charging point data partner of the European Commission.

     Eco-Movement is fully independent: we have no ties to any Service Provider, Payment Hub or CPO. Our focus is exclusively on charge point data

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