Reporting (Developers)


We make our data available through a secured online environment private to your organization.

We will create personal logins for all relevant employees.

You will be able to access the data anytime and from anywhere through your browser.


For an overview of Reporting Data Attributes, see below:

Core Reporting Fields

Location Merge & Conflict resolution
Location Type
Location Accessibility (Eco-Movement custom)
Location Name
Location Address
Location City
Location Postal code
Location Country
Location Coordinates
Location Evses (#)
Location Operator

Location Time zone

Evse ID (eMI3 standard)

Evse Status (updated once daily, not real-time)

Evse Connectors (#)
Evse Physical reference
Connector Standard
Connector Format
Connector Power type
Connector Voltage
Connector Amperage
Connector Max_Power (Eco-Movement custom)
Location, Evse, Connector Unique id

Location, Evse, Connector Last updated

Additional options
Location Authentication Options: Membership card, App,Credit card, Debit card, QR code, SMS (EM custom)
Location Owner
Location Related location
Location Suboperator
Location Support phone, email, twitter, facebook (EM custom)
Location Opening times*
Location Facilities*
Location Ad-hoc pricing*
Location MSP cards (Eco-Movement custom)*
Location Charging profile (Eco-Movement custom)*
Location Predicted availability (Eco-Movement custom)*
Evse Capabilities: Credit card payable, RFID reader, Charging profile, Remote start/stop, Unlock, Reservable
Evse Charging when closed
Evse Parking restrictions

* Available for selected regions and operators only