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Want to have actionable insights on EV charging infrastructure? Now you can!

Organisations operating in the EV industry face many challenges when it comes to data and analytics, starting with the fact that it proves to be quite difficult to obtain reliable and complete datasets. This is also true for data on charging infrastructure. Consequences can become quite significant, since the need for data-driven decision-making in this industry is high. Charge point operators and governments, among others, require information on the development and operation of charging stations in relevant regions to feed their models for  network planning and demand analysis. Consultancies, car manufacturers, and investment banks require validated data for their research and development efforts and go-to-market strategies. That is why we are passionate about making charging station data simple and easily accessible. 


By releasing its new reporting platform, Eco-Movement makes it effortless for charge point operators, consultancies, governments and institutions to retrieve a multitude of ready-to-digest data and information on EV charging stations. 


“Our EV charging station data is and has always been of the highest quality and is the most complete out there”, says Roderick van den Berg, CEO of Eco-Movement. “By launching our new reporting platform, people can easily download charge station data in their preferred format or view online reports, with easy to read charts for immediate insights. We have taken away all technical barriers to access our data and aim to save time and resources by delivering charts that can be added to a consultancy report or presentation with a few mouse-clicks.” 

The new reporting tool is completely web based and is globally accessible by any web browser. If you are interested in the most complete and highest quality charging station data, please reach us at

About Eco-Movement

Eco-Movement is the leading EV charging station data provider,  on a mission to make charging station data simple and accessible. 

All (semi-)public chargers across Europe and North America are part of its real-time database, with over 500,000 plugs. Fully independent, Eco-Movement focuses 100% on data quality and completeness. The Eco-Movement data is used by navigation providers, automotive OEMs, routing platforms and e-mobility service providers, and is the trusted choice of mobility industry leaders and the European Commission’s EAFO portal.