In addition Eco-Movement has developed a number of extra features that can be activated on request. These features can be switched on for the maplist api as well as for the OCPI api.


This feature shows whether a charging location is on public ground, located at a company, or whether a charge point is located at a home of a private person. Possible values: “Public”, “Company”, “Private”. Available for all countries. Example:
"access_type": "Public"

Support phone number

This feature shows the support phone number, that can be called for assistance by the ev-driver. Available for all countries. Example:
"operator": {"name": "EVnetNL", "website": ""},
"support_phone_number": "+(31)-(800)-3522365"

Facilities and nearby company name

This feature shows the surrounding facilities of a location (such as a Restaurant, or Hotel, etc), but also gives the name of the location via the “AdditionalGeoLocation” field. Example:
"related_locations": [
                    "latitude": 52.264345400000003,
                    "longitude": 5.2559614999999997,
                    "name": {
                        "language": "nl",
                        "text": "Ikea"