Information for Developers

The Eco-Movement outbound API makes it possible to receive real-time charging station information for electric vehicles. The data can be integrated in your own enviroment.

Developer Token

In order to use the Eco-Movement API you need a Token. This Token can be obtained by filling out the form below. We will phone or email you within 3 business days in order to provide more information regarding the usage of the Eco-Movement data.

Note: We currently do not support personal or non-commercial licenses to use our data

Rules for using the developer token

For the usage of our API we charge a monthly license fee, among others depending on the usage of the data. If a Token is used too often or used in other environments then agreed on, the Token will be suspended.

Technical overview API

Eco-Movement supports an inbound API and an outbound API based on the Open Charge Point Interface protocol (OCPI).
Outbound API – Receive data from our database.
Inbound API – Update data to our database (for Charge Point Operators and Multi Service Providers).