Data for Navigation

Data for In-Car Navigation

Make EV navigation totally care-free

Navigation experience

Ensure the best navigation experience through uniform addresses and coordinates that are accurate and user-friendly - e.g. navigating to the parking garage entrance.

No unpleasant surprises

No unpleasant surprises through correct information on e.g. accessibility, opening times, accepted charge cards, and charging speed.

Real-time insight

Always have real-time insight in charge point availability through immediate push messages, filtered for noise.

Help drivers

Help drivers to select the best stop for them by showing predicted availability and facilities present.

Highlighted Clients

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uses Eco-Movement as a key source for its charge point POI data, utilized by many leading EV models

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using Eco-Movement for its advanced EV routing software

Easy implementation

Our technical onboarding is a straightforward and easy process. Read more about our APIs in the Developers section.

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Quality dashboard
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Quality is at the core of what we do

Validated sources: We supplement our connections with CPOs with additional sources such as spatial databases, machine learning models, client feedback, charge card coverage, and our own market research.

Continuous monitoring: All incoming and outgoing data is checked on 5 key quality dimensions: Completeness, Validity, Uniformity, Uniqueness and Accuracy/Integrity. Data is also checked against external benchmarks, e.g. for spatial conflicts and to ensure completeness of our database.

Measurable impact: We are logging ever increasing improvements to the raw core charge point data, and now make tangible improvements to >60% of locations.


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