CPO connection

Inbound API documentation

The inbound API is tailor-made for CPOs to feed and update their charge points data into the platform of Eco-Movement.

Our team is specialized in building and maintaining APIs. Whether it is a SOAP server or a custom CSV file that we have to retrieve every minute, we will build it for you. Eco-Movement understands perfectly that a CPO has its own system, and that we are the ones who have to adapt.

Supported protocols

  1. OCPI protocol – Open Charge Point Interface, version 2.1.1 supported and preferred by Eco-Movement
  2. OCHP protocol – Open Clearing House Protocol, version 1.3 and 1.4 are supported
  3. VAS protocol – Interface founded by the Dutch E-laad foundation
  4. Custom JSON / XML / CSV / KML API – Eco-Movement will build any custom API on request of the CPO


Before a ‘live’ connection is created between a CPO and Eco-Movement, extensive testing is done. Both sides will verify whether the data is satisfactory, and whether all real-time status changes are received properly. Only when the CPO is completely satisfied with the result, the data will go LIVE on our platform.