Technical details inbound API

The inbound API is made for the CPO (Charging Point Operator) and eSMP (e-Mobility Service Provider) to insert and update their charging points (CPO) or pricing data (eSMP) in the database of Eco-Movement. Eco-Movement supports multiple inbound API’s.

1. OCPI version 2.1.1. – This is the new market standard, supported and preferred by Eco-Movement
2. VAS API – This is a legacy api used by many CPO’s before 2018, and is still supported by Eco-Movement
3. Custom KML API – An API based on the KML standard of google earth
4. Custom JSON / XML API – An API based on JSON / XML (on request of a CPO we can build custom API’s)


Before a connection is made between the CPO and Eco-Movement an extensive test period will be made. During this test period, it will be checked whether the data for both parties is satisfactory, and whether all real-time statuses are passed on properly. Only when the CPO is completely satisfied with the result, the data will go LIVE.